Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here’s my last :D

Since this blog was created with the sole purpose of documenting all my ‘About Mes’, and I am now officially OFF ORKUT, I decided I should bid a proper farewell on this forum.

A word of thanks to Arps, Ritz, and Shilpi for their sincere and loyal readership.

(Note: Your loyalty despite the frivolousness with which I maintained this blog.

Of course, I just put up everything as though this was my scrapbook, with little regard for correcting typos, formatting etc)

But I always knew, that you would read it. And know what I mean.

And I guess the reason I gave all those things a miss was coz, well, these were all conversations with you weren’t they, and conversations -esp: the kind that involve me, are well – anything but sensible and well-structured. There you go :)

Trust me, living at such great distances, this really has been cathartic.

Can you imagine the number of stories I would have otherwise had to tell you in person,

had it not been for this constant reporting on the blog!

PS. The number is still fairly high though :P .

And, thus the journey ends.

Dear Arpita, Thanks a lot for this brilliant suggestion- of blogging all my abt mes..

Would have lost so many precious thoughts/memories, had those not been well preserved here.

See, I have made it pretty formal sounding this time round …

** PS. I had written this much before that FIVE hour long session of CHATTING/web-telephoning (watevertheycallit) with you Arps, and now that you have signed off.. am concluding it on a much more spirited note! And I’m glad you haven’t changed much..

You still consider it your dharma to find out new, creative alternative sources of employment for your otherwise unemployable friend.

Kudos, Rosemerta_Gunther ;)

Btw did I ever point out that it’s ROS-MERTA and not ROSE-MERTA :P !

Nevermind though, you see, I know, you cold ;)

Over and Out!

Last few About MEs .. after which I QUIT Orkut ...

(This one was written when I got a surprise Christmas Gift from Kanchan – a bookmark!!)

Robby Sir is comings back SIRs/ MA’AMs!...

This time, he is beings comings back because he is beings HAPPY sir!! .. :D :D :D

And soooo very happy he is beings sir…. U is not even knowings/ thinkings!!!!!

And for the FIRST timing ever, Robby is proudly declarings that he is beings a member of S.P(R)E.W [Society for the Promotion of Ragpicking Elves’ Welfare] …. He is always beings so Ma’am, but he is declarings it today- because he is beings


Robby is waking at his elfish hour (One-ish) in noons today, Sir, and what is he seeing?? A long white packet (masters is callings it ‘an-vollo-pee’ sumfings Sir ) on his (if-u-can-call-it-a-)bed . He is rubbings his eyes, and lookings,sir and yay!! It is beings from fellow ragpicking-elf sister Winky’s Masters’ House… She is drawings an elfish cartoon on the backsides sir…!

And while his Masters is scoldings Robby (‘Bad, Bad Robby.. not wakings on time sir.. sleepings so long that is not suitings an elf sir’), I is beings openings the On-vollo-pee

And what is fallings out?? Booookiiiiiiiiiii!!! …

Now, now sir.. Robby was losings his bookmark some days ago… it is beings his ‘The Bookmark’ and was cryings bucketloads- was beings missings it!!

Everybody readings about it sir, Ma’am and pattings Robby on back (‘poor poor Robby’)- but Winky! – she is readings about it and is sendings him a NEW BOOKMARK made of coconut paper (which she is buyings for Robby and Winky when she is goings to Orissa with her Masters) anddd she is writings a loooooooooongg letter sir (her master, Miss Kanchan Singh is actually beings writing it for her- poor winky is never goings to School, sir..) …

She is sendings him Booky (‘bookiiii’, she is correctings him), and is warnings him not to ill-treat bookiii like he is doings with poor Zulfi and Kulfi … coz he is a fellow-elf and is not askings for undue looouuuu ;) .. this is beings her Chismush Peazant for Robby (Dec, 25 comings early for him!!) ..

And she is doings all this while they her EM-BEE-AYY EXAMS is goings on!!

*wiping away happy tears*

Robby is NOT wanting Clothes, Sir..

Robby is having Bookiiiiiii and Winky ;)

I ish stoppings talking Winky Ma’am- masters is throwings out the laptop otherwise.. and already, non-elves gossipping about Robby being a nutcase and spending hours online doing GOD-KNOWS-WHAT! ;)


[An excerpt of an interview with Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi, a young Indian English writer. Author of ‘The Last Song of Dusk’]

There is something that I like about this person. Or maybe some tiny thing that I can relate with. PS. Note the italicized portion :P ]

Q. But how difficult is it for a 26-year-old to be so alone? I imagine you spent your early 20s tucked in a small room, writing away for long hours. Weren’t you tempted to go out and enjoy life, to party like others of your age?

I am not fundamentally solitary – but I realise that my craft needs vast stretches of loneliness – time to bear fruition. I’d rather spend an evening around a dinner table listening to and telling stories to my close friends (instead of being holed up in a room somewhere, writing away. I mean, how boring is that!) But these days I do find myself pulling back, cutting away – just to gather the story, just to set it down. My instinct suggests that, in the long term, this will prove detrimental: solitude is important, but our human interactions are elemental. Without them, there is no story. And without a story, there is no storyteller. It is possible to write yourself into a corner, and I’m consciously trying to avoid that degree of isolation.

- Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi, author of 'The Last Song Of Dusk'.

A toast to the
'White Lilies' in all of us

Oh I just called a spade a spade!
Does it bleed? Oh, are you hurt?
But ain’t it the rule of fair trade-
I’m honest-to-God- not just a blurt.

Hey, how dare you point at me!
And call me ‘rude’ and all those things…
You aim to thwart my honesty, blimey!
When its only just learnt to spread its wings.

Errrr… yeah so you want to do that too,
Call my spade a spade, you say??
Heavens No! but that is sooo not true-
Coz mine’s a blade, not a SPADE, No way!

Ah! You hurt me, to think I’d Bluff!!
You talkin’ to ME? – The White Lily!
Don’t you know me well enough?
To look for my grey is plain silly..

But of course *I nod wisely*
I don’t claim to be A Saint..
(Smirks and Smiles –smug, inwardly )
tho wont deny a dash of holiness –faint.

Still, go ahead, and have your say..
I’m all for an ‘honest’ one-to-one,
Call my Blade an Axe, you may-
If only for your trivial fun.

I only sigh as I look all around,
In self-pity, Where are the fellow good men?
Why do I always hit the ground?
When I’d beat a few, (and pushed down ten!! )

This is just not fair *beats her fist*
Their game’s not clean- it’s all a lie..
Too bad I’m stuck here in their midst-
The White Lily with all The Cactii…

**Ahem Ahem - one of those rare sarcastic outbursts after AGES.. PUN Wholly intended at the self proclaimed 'White Lilies' in all of us...including myself!! ;)**

Arps et al.. I'm not sure even u guys will read between the lines this time :P

heres the link to all ABOUT ME ...

anddd .. here is the link to Arpita's Blog ...

and here is the link to Ritu's ...

PS. Arps, I have to say this: ur comments on my Blog mean more than the Booker to me!! wil Update it soon...

[After a fruitless and forced ‘discussion’ with some people.]

It struck again…

The Storm. The Tempest. You know… The one that rises inside your head, and that threatens to blow the lid off your head with the sheer force of thoughts/ unspoken words. Words of meaning, words of (what u strongly believe is) sanity ... words of explanation, words of reason .. and many many more such words…

And yet again,

the words were reigned in…

For what good is letting ‘em fall on deaf ears??

On ears that are just not attuned to their frequency??

On ears that carefully pick only that which they wish to hear/ are able to comprehend,

and conveniently filter out everything else??

And they had ASKED for MY words mind you.

And they concluded that I had none

No big deal. Really, I can weather The Tempest…

And stand guard- for as long as …

[These quotes all convey very important messages for me – though of course, each is different form the other.]

"Mr. Rearden," said Francisco, his voice solemnly calm, "if you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders—what would you tell him to do?"

"I . . . don't know. What . . . could he do? What would you tell him?"

"To shrug."

- Atlas Shrugged

"But hell! That’s not the way to look at it. That’s not the whole picture.

There’s some good in the worst of us. There’s always a redeeming feature."

"So much the worse. Is it an inspiring sight to see a man commit a heroic

gesture, and then learn that he goes to vaudeville shows for relaxation? Or see

a man who’s painted a magnificent canvas--and learn that he spends his time

sleeping with every slut he meets?"

"What do you want? Perfection?"

"--or nothing. So, you see, I take the nothing."

"That doesn’t make sense."

"I take the only desire one can really permit oneself. Freedom, Alvah, freedom."

"You call that freedom?"

"To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing."

"What if you found something you wanted?"

"I won’t find it. I won’t choose to see it. It would be part of that lovely

world of yours. I’d have to share it with all the rest of you--and I wouldn’t.

You know, I never open again any great book I’ve read and loved. It hurts me to

think of the other eyes that have read it and of what they were. Things like

that can’t be shared. Not with people like that."

"Dominique, it’s abnormal to feel so strongly about anything."

"That’s the only way I can feel. Or not at all."

"Dominique, my dear," he said, with earnest, sincere concern, "I wish I’d been

your father. What kind of a tragedy did you have in your childhood?"

"Why, none at all. I had a wonderful childhood. Free and peaceful and not

bothered too much by anybody. Well, yes, I did feel bored very often. But I’m used to that."

- The Fountainhead


‘The tiara sat glittering and twinkling in the light from the low-hanging lamp.

"Moonstones and diamonds," said the Goblin, who had sidled into the room without Harry noticing. "Made by goblins, I think?"

"And paid for by wizards," said Bill quietly, and the goblin shot him a look that was both furtive and challenging. ‘ – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This one has too many sentiments/emotions...

:( :( :(
Okay .. this is crazy coz i have an exam tomorrow and hv no clue abt anything .. orkutting is the last thing i shud be doing!! butttttt

... just cudnt resist this!!..
I made a painfully shocking discovery a while ago.. ! a bolt from the blue!!!...

I owned a wonderful Bookmark... ohhh I loved it.. n carried it with me as a lucky charm, as a faithful friend... as a .. ohhh too many things...
Arps n Ritz had sent it to me once on my B'day, right before exams ..
it said ... " Keep a straight face, no matter how life treats you"... with extremely cute cartoons to convey the msg .. (and they looked hand sketched by arpita--evn tho they werent actually!)...
On the reverse, a tiny wish , signed by the pair of them....
That was MY Bookmark...
reserved for all my special books...
its mere presence in my bag wud be so comforting ...
anddddddddddd .... some silly goose mercilessly tossed it in the trash bin while i was in college today :( :( ...
And she is asleep!!...
I cannot evn wake her up and demand/protest/wail ... WHY?!!..
I can see it lying there in the pile of filth.. good sense stops me from digging it out ... Dunno how m managing to resist this urge tho!.. It's like defiling the sanctity of The Bookmark .. My Bookmark.. the only bookmark I ever cared to use .. n kept so very close to my heart! ..
(Before this one, I used self made scraps of paper-bookmarks for this purpose)...
I cannot bear the loss!! nooooo....
I'm sure u 2 dont evn remember this one.. evn im shocked at how a simple bookmark can evoke such strong emotions in a feelingless cold fish like me...
but what do i do?!...wish i hadnt discovered this until morning!! ..
great ..this is just great...
first I throw away an my 'scribbling register' along with the raddi .. and now THIS!! :x ..

:( :( :( .. *sobs uncontrollably* ...

frustrated beyond all reason....

blog updated.
Little George, where are you?

I looked for you all around…

Little George, give me a clue-

A wave of hand! A snap! A sound!!

I cannot call. How will that help?

And I dunno where you might be…

eyes watch me closely as I yelp;

I blankly stare at what I (donot) see!…

Little George, a nod will do..

Tho I see u nod once in a while..

It’s like I hold one Cinderella-shoe

I want the other, to hold and file.

If I had known!
If I could see!…

Nonetheless, So it would still be…

Little George, I hit the bricks.

Where are the Slaps, where are the Sticks… ;)
visit for all your designing and printing requirements.

PS: Orkut has just reminded me that CD's bday is approaching...
aaahh well .... i know for a fact that im low on the 'feelings' component .. n yet ... im looking forward to Dec 15 like anything!! ...
We may be miles apart CD(n u will never even read this i know), but in my heart, I pray for you ...
n thanks for being my Guardian Angel, whom I probably did not deserve!! ..
I never did anything to earn you, that I know... it was magical ..
It was a give n give from u, always ... n now ur gone...
n there will never be another you ...
(note: not getting senti !! )
just wanted to write this down ...
as a tribute to all the smiles u gave me .. in return for being me... :)
the comic hell that u gave me is a different issue, of course ...
I just wish u cud have made me cry , AT LEAST ONCE.... so that I cud console myself that I havent lost much ......
I wish I cud give u something back...
any tiny, solitary thing ...ever!!.....

(ufff... not senti-ing at all! ... just wondering .. pondering over the magic that u had brot into my life ...
cheeeeeeeeerrss ... God bless ...

When JKR declared that Dumbledore was Gay, they made a hue and cry about it ..

Its r choices not r abilities reveal wat v truly are..

Note: I'd updated this space only to clear the air on this whole "why did JKR trumpet the fact that ddore is gay" issue...

Excerpts from an interview with
J K Rowling

Q. Did Dumbledore, who believed in the prevailing power of love, ever fall in love himself?

JKR: My truthful answer to you... I always thought of Dumbledore as gay. [ovation.] ... Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald, and that that added to his horror when Grindelwald showed himself to be what he was. To an extent, do we say it excused Dumbledore a little more because falling in love can blind us to an extend, but he met someone as brilliant as he was, and rather like Bellatrix he was very drawn to this brilliant person, and horribly, terribly let down by him. Yeah, that's how i always saw Dumbledore. In fact, recently I was in a script read through for the sixth film, and they had Dumbledore saying a line to Harry early in the script saying I knew a girl once, whose hair... [laughter]. I had to write a little note in the margin and slide it along to the scriptwriter, "Dumbledore's gay!" [laughter] If I'd known it would make you so happy, I would have announced it years ago!

JKR --The Potter books in general are a prolonged argument for tolerance, a prolonged plea for an end to bigotry, and I think ti's one of the reasons that some people don't like the books, but I think that's it's a very healthy message to pass on to younger people that you should question authority and you should not assume that the establishment or the press tells you all of the truth.

For the ful transcipt visit

heres the link to all my ABOUT MEs ...

anddd .. here is the link to Arpita's Blog ...

and here is the link to Ritu's ...
... Happy Reading ...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I recently posted a comment on a friend's blog..
it was not specifically addressed to her tho...
and i thought this piece of my mind deserved to go up on my blog tooo...

Hello XXXX (a friend@IMI) ...

okayy ... I will make this quick...
u write really well
I dunno much abt ur creative writing skills, but ur expression, well articulated thoughts, theories ..
innocent and thought provoking questions ...
I am proud of you!
I mean you are GOOD. Really GOOD. and I loooove the rhythm in ur bit of verse... and the subtle melancholic pleasure that it conveys .... oooooohhh..
ur good!! ..

But I cannot resist saying more this time, unlike last time, when I deleted a lot of what I had typed for comments on your previous post..

I know exactly what you mean. Things that you say. And Things that you dont.

{m=I think it is understood that I have written in the first person, but I here does NOT stand for me}
My feelings are my property- so are my tears.. my melancholy, my mourning... I can rejoice in self-pitying to kill my pain... I can chuck my tears and go on with life.. I can drown myself in an ocean of tears .. or a bottle of hydrochloric acid, for that matter.
Even though people may call it a defeatist attitude, I have full liberty to feel hurt and live with the hurt- or even- die with it!
I am answerable to no one, except my loved ones/family.

But trust me, I donot have any right whatsoever to impose my feelings upon any other- unless I know (honest-to-god) that such a bond had been committed indeed!..
I cannot put anyone on trial for being wonderful, for ushering light and joy and hope in my life!!
Certainly not!
they are wonderful, sure!!
Maybe the most wonderful soul I have ever known- but :
Can I claim the same about my presence in their lives?
Worse, Can I force/impose the same about my presence in their lives?

Can my right to finding the ultimate embodiment of my highest purpose/attributes in life, impinge on theirs? Or anyone's?

Can I punish anyone for being wonderful?
and wonderful towards me in particular?

Can I take it to the extent that they lose the innate goodness- the inherent, innocent quality that exuded the wonderful aura - the warmth extended to all by defualt?
The warmth and unattached affection of which I too was a natural beneficiary?

Can I make them regret the fact of being themselves?
Make them regret the first moment when they extended an innocent hand of Friendship towards me, amongst many others??
When I accepted the hand- did I not know what I was getting into??

Can I push someone like that to the verge of hatred towards myself, and therefore towards their own self?

Ultimately, can I do this to myself?
End up being broken in spirit at the total loss of someone, who by my standards, is a real gem?
Just coz I was bent on having it studded on my heart?.. rather than cherishing the treasure, as it was meant (and allowed itself)to be...

Maybe as I pine for this gem, someone else silently offers the same prayers for me every night?

Someone whom I know and like ..but who does not conform to my definition of The One- If such a situation did exist? Would I let go of my conception of the highest order/ purpose in life .. and settle for the mere Good .. just coz they are mere Good?!
No! Certainly not...
I know the devotion towards finding the Ultimate Truth for my life, and if given a chance I would never let go of it... even if that means hurting the other in the process (however difficult that would be)
Then what right do I have to deprive anyone else of the same right in their lives?

Remember, many people will have many opinions...
If there is a reason that you rated the one person above them all, then trust their position above that of the rest..
Search for an honest answer in your heart of hearts..
and you will find it there..
What you find outside, is likely to be less of truth.. more of lies masquerading as truth, meant to be music to your ears and a balm for your aching heart...

I know I have blabbered too much.. maybe more than I have the authority to.
Let me assure you, I think you are one of the better souls I have come across in life- and I hate to see you hurt yourself over such an inane issue- which a part of many people's lives.. it is a phase that will pass. It's in your hands, to make it a learning experience, or a dirty/ugly chapter in your life.
And this was addressed not only to you.. but to everyone else who must understand this
(I am sure it is not as easy to be in your/their shoes... easier said than done, I know, still..)
This is meant for everyone else who must know..
Dont crucify people for being good. Already, people are losing faith in the innate goodness of man.
Else,as they say,

Once bitten, Twice shy...

Cheers and God bless...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

वाह!! कितना कूल है यह!! :D :D

Alright... this is a very interesting story ....
Now, for a long time, Orkut had deprived me of this particular facility of typing scraps in hindi... (dunno why tho.. of all people/ things in this world.. Orkutting is something that I indulge in religiously; I certainly dont deserve such step motherly treatment!) *makes a face*
sooo.... it would tear a hole in my heart to receive hindi scraps from KanNOTchan ... (n her msgs...are like ..they really provoke me to respond, in the same vein..n here u go... I would be dying to hit back, but would be handicappped by the fact that I was not one of the Chosen Ones in the Orkut list of 'Users Who Get TO Type Scraps In Hindi'!!)

And then.. one fine dayyy ...(a FINE day indeed :)) .. wat do I see? A completely unexpected, pleasant surprise...

Orkut had taken me into its fold ; I was granted the option of typing scraps in Hindi ......

and of course, as usual I lost it! Went overboard with it.. scrapped everyone I could think of ...
and announced my BIG news with the lettered equivalent of a drumroll ...

Sample this scrap that I wrote in Arpita's Srapbook:

हे इ गोट थिस हिंदी स्क्रेप्पिंग ओप्शन नो!! इट्स अवेसोमे!!! (hey I got this hindi scpng option now)
ये!! yay!
वो! आईएम गोइंग क्रेजी! [:D] (I am going crazY!)

(I wrote the translations for easy reading :P )

To which she replied:

wow shruti... i've known it for yrs tere ko jyada stimulus nahi chahiye hota hai "crazy" ho jane ke liye....

or shld i say, तेरे को ज्यादा स्तिमुलुस नहीं चाहिए होता है "क्रेजी" हो जाने के लिए!!!!!

And then, While playing around with Hindi Scraps, the Pseudo-Columbus in my batch suggested to me that I could actually write in hindi on my 'About me' by typing stuff out in the scrapbook.

Lo! and Behold! .... in a flash of a second, u had this :D :D :D

वाह!! कितना कूल है यह!! :D :D

थिस इस सूओऊ एक्स्सितिंग!!!

(this is so exciting!!)

मेरा मतलब है की आज ही ऑरकुट ने मुझे यह हिंदी टाइपिंग की सुविधा उपलब्ध करायी है!
और मैं इसे लेके बहुत ज्यादा एक्स्सितेद (उत्साहित/excited) हूँ!!
और मुझे हमारे batch के नकली-कोलंबस (pseudo-Columbus) ने यह आईडिया दिया की मैं अपने "अबाउट मी"
पर भी इसका उपयोग कर सकती हूँ!!
शुक्रिया कोलंबस!!
वाह! इसमें तोह मैं बहुत सारी कलाकारी (read:creativity) कर सकती हूँ!!
बहुत जल्दी, मैं यहाँ कुछ अच्छा सा लिखूँगी!!
तब तक के लिए,
Happy Hindi reading/Typing!!! :D

..whoa! here is one of my fav poems by Maithili Sharan Gupt.
lemme type it down in hindi :D

-- दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है...
पतंग भी जलता है सखी,
हा दीपक भी जलता है,
दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है.

शीश हिलाकर दीपक कहता,
बंधू वृथा ही तू क्यूँ देहता;
पर पतंग पड कर ही रहता-
कैसी विह्वलता है!
दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है.

कहता है पतंग मन मारे
तुम महान, मैं लघु पर प्यारे
क्या ना मरण भी हाथ हमारे?
शरण किसे छलता है
दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है

बचकर हाय पतंग करे क्या!
प्रणय छोड़कर प्राण धरे क्या!
मरे नहीं तो मरा करे क्या !!
क्या यह असफलता है?
दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है...

दीपक के जलने में, आली
फिर भी है जीवन की लाली
पर पतंग भाग्य लिपि काली-
किसका वश चलता है...
दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है.

जगती वनिक्वृत्ति है रखती
उसे चाहती जिसे चकती
काम नहीं, परिणाम निरखती
मुझे यही खलता है..
दोनों ओर प्रेम पलता है...

(hmm... in case you are wondering Arpita, Ritz and Shilpi, as to what-the-hell-has-gotten-into-her-head-that-shes-putting-up-sissy-
hindi-poetry-on PREM of all things :D :D, Well........
I actually like this one a lot.
Let me explain the context and meaning of this verse by Maithili Sharan Gupt.
It is a depiction of a scene from the Ramayana (again, a bit of imagination on the part of the poet.
When Prince Rama is ordered by his Father to spend fourteen years in 'vanvaas' or life as an ordinary bhikshu, in the forest, his wife Sita promptly declares that she will follow suit. Despite Lord Rama's entreaties to her that this sentence was meant only for him, and that there is no compelling reason for her to suffer with him, Sita does not relent. She would not be able to survive without her husband anyway, she points out; Mata Sita, of course is the ideal hindu wife - who would stand by her husband - in sickness as in health, in happiness or in suffering.
Then of course, Rama's brother Laxman insists upon accompanying them; after much resistance from the elder brother, He becomes a part of the troupe.
But then there is Urmila, Laxman's wife. She too insists, pleads with her husband to let her go with him. However, Laxman puts his foot down. One, he probably feels that he could not condemn her to a life of toil and suffering.Two, he reminds her that it is her Dharam to stay back and look after his family, as the daughter-in-law of the house.
Urmila's spent tears go unnoticed.
Here the poet tries to highlight the fact that perhaps Urmila's sacrifice was greater than that of Sita- since, for a (Hindu) woman, there is no greater joy, privilege or blesssing than to serve her husband and stay with him at all times. Separation from him is nothing short of a curse or suffering.
Here, Urmila is relating her plight to her friend (referred to as "aali" meaning "sakhi"/ friend) ..
however, with a blind devotion and reverence for her husband, which is so typical of a Hindu Wife, Urmila is justifying Laxman's decision of condemning her to this life of separation and suffering, by pointing out that his own suffering because of this separation is no less.
She draws an analogy with the relationship between a firefly ('patanga') and an oil lamp (diya or Deepak)
The attraction of the Firefly towards the flame of the deepak is said to be so intense that it cannot bear the pain of separation from the latter, and eventually it plunges into the fire, immolating itself. Urmila points out that the Deepak too reciprocates the love of the former and suffers in the process - for if the patanga burns itself to death, the deepak itself continuously burns too. However, the intensity of love and devotion is higher in the case of the patanga, and the manner in which both burn themselves eventually into nothingness, is also vastly different; One burns insignificantly into ashes, while the other at least spreads light and energy and hence is held in higher regard and esteem by the materialistic/uilitarian mindset of the society.

And of course, u have to actually READ the poem to get its depth and meaning.
Though personally, its the rhythm and rhyme of the poem that really strikes a chord with me.

Wow.. u must be thinking I have totally lost it....

but then..when did I actually "have it"?? :D Food for thought ?

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